Solitaire Drop

Solitaire Drop 2.4

Solitaire Drop

Solitaire Drop is a card game pack that includes three card games: Black Jack Drop, Poker Drop, and Rummy Drop. This game bundle is a unique twist to the three classic card games, and it includes the fast and puzzling arcade game Tetris.

Solitaire Drop is a solo card game. Instead of bricks, cards fall from the sky and you should be able to stack up a poker hand, rummy meld or a black jack in order for the cards to clear up.

The game ends when there is no more space for the dropped cards. This is a good strategy game, too. Players should be able to know where to place a card in order to clear the stack and get a high score.

Solitaire Drop also has configurable options including changeable color schemes, background music, sound effects and more. The program also features a high score list and customizable game rules to provide you with many different ways to play each game.

The product is a shareware that is lightweight and easy to install and uninstall. Solitaire Drop works with Windows XP operating systems or lower platform versions.

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